Lake Oconee Church

Childcare Reimbursements

We understand that finding and funding childcare can be a deterrent to joining and participating in a community group or serve team. Because we are committed to reducing the obstacles people face while attempting to get engaged in Lake Oconee Church, the church reimburses group members at a predetermined rate for their childcare expenses, if needed.

If childcare costs are the obstruction to you getting connected, please complete the form below to request a reimbursement. You will need to include your information, the name of your group leader or serve team coordinator, the date of meeting, the number of children, the number of hours, and the amount requested (based on the reimbursement chart below.)


Reimbursement Instructions


Reimbursement Chart

1 hour
1-1/2 hours
2 hours 2-1/2 hours 3 hours
1 child
$ 7.00
$10.50 $14.00
$17.50 $21.00
2 children
$ 7.50 $11.25 $15.00 $18.75 $22.50
3 children
$ 8.00 $12.00 $16.00 $20.00 $24.00
4 children $ 8.50 $12.75 $17.00 $21.25 $25.50
Childcare for more than 4 children will be reimbursed at $9.00 per hour

Reimbursement Form

Click to access the Childcare Reimbursement Form